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  • Free online browser game

  • Countless quests and perilous adventures

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Caldean is in turmoil...

  • War is raging on all of the kingdom's borders
  • Forces of nature are devastating the land
  • Famine is threatening people's lives

Royal decree

Everyone who is worthy of a sword, whether male or female, should equip and arm themselves.

Prove yourself in battle

Fight with a sword, battle axe or club. With a lance on horseback or on the great wings of a Griffin. For the king or for the chaos. You'll never be short of a challenge in Caldean.

  • Duels Cross swords with thousands of other knights.
  • Nobility title Defeat 16 noblemen on your way to becoming Grand Duke.
  • Tournaments 16 lances, one champion.

Choose your destiny

  • For the king
  • For the chaos

Visit Caldean

Discover 18 different towns on your travels...

  • Harbors
  • Cities
  • Trade Posts
  • Forts
  • Villages
  • Over 50 missions

Stand your ground in the country's challenges

Become a member of a knight order

  • Fight battles with your competitors
  • Go on order missions
  • Conquer castles and forts with your order

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